Creating conditions that foster peace, justice,health, connection, opportunity, hope,and human flourishing.

Hill Cut Community Project

hill cut community project

The Hill Cut Project aims to create a model of development and health intervention that is environmentally sustainable, encourages partnership, mutuality and reciprocity within the Hill Cut Community in Freetown, Sierra Leone

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Smiling Girl The Community Hope Foundation is an entirely volunteer, non-profit organization that partners with communities to foster peace, justice, equality, opportunity and well being through human connection, creativity and empowerment.

It is predicated on the notion that all people have the right to earn a decent living, educate their children, be healthy, and control the affairs of their lives. It is based on the further belief that efforts towards greater equality, education & opportunity around the world create positive effects for us all, in the form of increased social capital, reduced conflict and improved public health.

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Saturday, Sept 29, 2012:
Charity Yard Sale

Proceeds go to Community Hope Project

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